We are pleased to announce that Saturnscape Pictures has acquired Hellphone (d. Jason Marc Pierce/Film Whisperer Productions for all media distribution around the globe. It’s an award-winning film near and dear to our hearts as I served as director of photography, visual FX supervisor and general post-production grunt on the film ten years ago.

Hellphone is a fun, suspenseful horror comedy about a supernatural curse that get in the cellphone of a small Southern town with on the deputy sheriff (the Sheriff’s daughter), her techie ex-boyfriend and inflated ego coroner to battle the growing evil forces and mind-controlled townsfolks.

With a stellar cast including April Billingsley, Nathan Moore, Michael Tourek, Scott S. Stevens and Philip Ward, Hellphone boasts production quality that belies its micro budget. We look forward to bringing this title back into circulation through tenth anniversary screenings, DVD sales, new Blu-ray sales and release to major streaming media outlets.

Buy the DVD and pre-order the blu-ray here!